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Hopeful Minds Overview Educator Guide

Hopeful Minds Overview Educator Guide

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The Hopeful Minds Overview Educator Guide is a curriculum designed to give children an introduction to the “what,” “why,” and “how” of hope. The curriculum includes three, 45-minute lessons that introduce the key tools needed to create, maintain, and grow hope, background information for educators, supplemental resources, classroom visuals, and a Hopework Book for students. The Hopework Book is included in this curriculum, but it can also be bought separately.

Each lesson also includes a Hope Hero spotlight: a story highlighting positive role models who are using the skills in the curriculum to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. The Hope Heroes in the Hopeful Minds Overview include John Krasinski, "Magic" Johnson, and Selena Gomez.

While this curriculum is geared towards 2nd-grade students, it can be easily adapted for any age range (adults included) and can be utilized in any setting (such as schools, after-school programs, church groups, hospitals, offices, and more). This curriculum has been specially designed to be used for either classroom or remote learning. The curriculum reinforces all eight National Health Education Standards as set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), meets Social Emotional Learning (SEL) guidelines, and promotes empathy and anti-bullying behaviors.

The Hopeful Minds Overview Hopework Book, which accompanies the Hopeful Minds Overview Educator Guide, is included in the back of the Hopeful Minds Overview Educator Guide. It can also be purchased at the Store for Hope or downloaded for free at

The Hopeful Minds Overview can be downloaded for free at

    • Language: English
    • Format: Paperback
    • Print Length: 155 pages
    • Product Dimensions:  8.50 x 11.00 x 0.37 inches
    • Product Weight: 12.5 ounces 
    • ISBN-10: 1735939544
    • ISBN-13: 978-1735939544
    • Target Age: 2nd Grade
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